CARS1900 - historic vehicles. Sales, re-sales, restoration and complete maintenance services.

Import, export and classic cars value estimation
Full external and internal renovation of historical cars
* varnishing * tinsmithing * upholstery
Custom projects
Comprehensive car mechanics
* engines * gearboxes * suspension
* drive, steering and braking systems
Electrical equipment installation and repair
Chroming and rechroming of car parts
Individual transport

Classic vehicles in CARS1900

Peugeot 301t

1935, 69 900 PLN

Volkswagen Transporter T1 Bulli

1965, 59 900 PLN

Auto Union 1000

1963, 36 000 PLN

Fiat 500F

1971, 24 000 PLN

Rover Mini Cabrio

1996, 35 500 PLN

Austin Healey / Morris 1300 MK II

1970, 21 000 PLN

Mercedes W123 280CE

1979, 24 000 PLN

BMW 728i E23

1981, 26 000

Fiat 130

1974, 34 000 PLN

Fiat 500

1972, 22 500

Austin Healey / Morris 1300 MK II BMC

1970, ask for price

Saab 99 GLE

1977, ask for price

Vauxhall / Opel Chevette GL / Kadett City

1979, ask for price

Volvo 244 GL/E PKT servo

1990, ask for price

Opel Rekord 1900 de luxe

1971, ask for price

Volvo 244 GL Automat

1976, ask for price

Renault 4L Laban

1968, ask for price

Opel Ascona A 1.6S

1974, ask for price

Ford Taunus 17m P5

1966, ask for price

Ford Taunus 17m P5

1967, ask for price

Saab 96 V4

1972, ask for price

Opel Rekord B 1900 Coupé

1966, ask for price

Renault 18TS

1980, ask for price

Renault Fuego Turbo

1984, ask for price

Volvo PV 544 Favorit

1965, ask for price

Volvo 164

1970, ask for price

Saab 99

1971, ask for price

Auto Union 1000S

1962, 39 950 PLN

why THESE?

They were witnesses to industrial revolution, true masterpieces of their time.
They were fruits of innovativeness of persons who left their footprints on the sands of time.

They are ageless, they evoke emotions, they are also of a great value to researchers and collectors. They combine art and utility.
They are the proof of technological advancements and social changes. They signify the possibilities of a man.

They will remain valuable with their brand, production run, model availability and condition.
They will remain legendary, even iconic, hitting competition rankings and heading for the future.

CARS1900 offer – use our complex services


If you are interested in purchasing a historic vehicle, gain knowledge of its origin, condition and service requirements first. We will provide you with the best advice not only to make you satisfied with your retro-style vehicle but also to make it give you a real profit-making opportunity.


Do you have a vehicle or spare parts you intend to sell? Let CARS1900 conduct the valuation to help you make your own decision whether to sell the vehicle now or improve its condition to get a better price. We advise our clients on making the decision.

Repair and restoration

Restoring vehicles to their original working condition requires the use of appropriate spare parts and materials as well as an approach that meets professional standards. Restoration and repair services are carried out within the range and time agreed with the vehicle’s owner.


Maintenance services include a full range of works relating to vehicle exploitation. Changing tires, filters, professional cleaning. All the works are performed by qualified and certified specialists.

why US?

We have a unique experience in the automotive field.

Our team is proud of the long-term cooperation we have established with global brands, a wide range of qualifications within vehicle diagnostics as well as technical and economic education. A broad network of international relations allows us to fulfill any and all assignments.

Why do we operate within this area? Because we love challenges, develop together with our clients and combine our work with a taste of adventure.

At CARS1900, we actively focus solely on historic vehicles, their restoration, pricing and maintenance.
Due to this we can fully engage in CARS1900 development and give our company a solid foundation. This is especially important in terms of the long-term cooperation we have established with our contractors.

YOUR chance

At CARS1900, we focus on approaching every project individually. We prove it at the stage of vehicle selection, when creating a budget and also when it comes to maintenance and advisory services.

Purchasing a historic vehicle is often compared to a capital deposit. Yet, a classic vehicle acquisition is an investment that requires stepping beyond financial conditions of the offer. Relying on the knowledge and skills of our specialists will allow to:
- determine the cost of restoring a vehicle to its original factory state,
- evaluate the range of adaptation solutions and changes suggested by the owner,
- consider short- and long-term vehicle sales prospects.

Today, historic vehicles are within the reach of not only a small group of high income people but the everyday man. Reasonable investment of even smaller amounts of capital in a classic car guarantees a predictable profit.

At CARS1900, we are flexible. The investment outlay can be divided into several subjects, significantly decreasing the minimum level of funds. All contracts are covered and handled by a prestigious law firm.

At CARS1900, we ensure extensive customer care including vehicle registration, insurance, pricing, logistics, maintenance and transaction advisory services.
It is worth to mention that a purchase of a “classic” vehicle is also an indicator of good taste, prestige and belonging to an elite group of people. It is up to you whether you change the status from a passive observer to an active automotive events participant.


We respond to every message within 48 hours.

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